Advanced CX Analytics

Gyst's machine learning and advanced algorithms use your customers individual and aggregate skill at navigating the voice application, and other CX factors, to determine the overall effectiveness of your Voice Bots and IVR dialog flows. The short movie below gives a quick overview of the analytics and its capabilities.

Quickly find weak areas in your dialog flows

works like a team of data analysts

Gyst's Advanced CX Analytics reports show, with a very high degree of accuracy and resolution, how well or poorly your customers perform at every point in the interaction dialog.

Additionally, the service tracks individual caller frustration levels as they progress through each voice session, and gets them to an agent or on to a different channel before it's too late.

The service also shows how well speech vs touch-tone users perform at each point over time and as you change your dialog flows to accommodate new services, seasonal changes and so forth.

The analytics and reporting software do the work of your traditional number-crunching analysts here, continually finding areas for cost savings and efficiency improvement. Use it to assess weak areas in your dialog flows and to guide your digital transformation strategies. It's like having a real-time usability study performed in your voice channel every minute of the day.