Reduce Your Contact Center Operating Costs

How You Save

  • Deflect calls away from agents costing 10x - 20x as much - and free them up for more complicated calls.
  • Reduce zero-outs, callbacks, and even churn that costs you money and frustrates your customers.
  • Fix the pain points your customers struggle with daily. Check out our analytics movie for more on this.

How It Works

Gyst has been production proven to increase containment rates and reduce average handle times in voice self-service channels. It's form of behavioral "tuning in" keeps the customer comfortable and engaged. It also reduces friction for the caller and develops good habits instead of reinforcing the same old bad ones.

increase voice
self-service use

reduce call
handle times

increase goal completion

Provide Better Service To Your Customers

How You Save

  • Reduce caller input errors and the annoying reprompts that go with them. Your customers will thank you, and vent less to your expensive agents.
  • Speed up the self-service process for customers that know your application and can anticipate the prompts ahead of time.
  • Slow down the experience for customers that are less familiar, are in a noisy environment, have poor a poor mobile signal or just need a little more time.
  • Boost your effective call handling capacity at peak periods and save costs with the voice channels you already own.

How It Works

With Gyst added to your voice applications, there are fewer friction and pain points in your voice channels. The product syncs your IVR and voice assistants to automatically match the skills exhibited by each user every time they respond. When your voice services are able to adjust in real time to suit the skills and abilities of your callers, real improvements in customer service begin to show up immediately. You can hear more on how this works with our short explainer movie here.

reduce caller input error rates

reduce caller friction & frustration 

encourage repeat use of self-service

Gain Customer Insight With High Resolution Analytics

How You Save

  • Monitor the impact of functional changes to your voice applications in real time - fewer slow and expensive data analysts required.
  • Guide your digital transformation roadmap armed with additional data on your voice channels.
  • Prepare for and adjust to changes in daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal call volumes and patterns.
  • Eliminate the need for frequent and costly one-off usability studies. Gain peace of mind knowing your voice channels are working for your customers day in and day out.

How It Works

‍Gyst's analytics show you exactly how your customers perform at every single conversation turn (node) in your voice application. It also tracks individual caller frustration levels as they progress through each node, and gets them help before they zero out or hang up. Use Gyst to guide you as you change your call flows to accommodate new services, seasonal changes and so forth. It will do the work of your traditional number-crunching analysts and usability studies for you, continually finding opportunities for cost savings and efficiency

Take A Test Drive

We've made it easy for you to give Gyst a test drive with your own callers and your own voice applications. For a nominal setup cost, we will have one of our professional developers implement Gyst for you and prove out the savings in A/B testing against your current performance metrics. This takes about 1 - 2 weeks and can usually be done using your existing contracts and volume agreements with your current cloud and/or voice service providers.

client success stories

We have reduced Enterprise Costs and improved the Customer Experience on hundreds of millions of user interactions to date. A top five U.S. based technology services firm liked one of our products so much they acquired it for use in their own hosted telecom services. Below are a few examples of where our technology has improved the customer experience and reduced operating costs for happy clients.

success story one

Top 10 International Bank

Use Case

We deployed our technology at one of the world’s largest international banks. The bank handles over 36 million calls per year in the U.S. alone. Our technology was implemented on the bank’s voice self-service retail  applications. This application was designed primarily for handling U.S. customer inquiries on personal checking accounts, though it also supported home loans, car loans, student loans, and similar retail services.

Business Benefits

After deploying our technology, the bank realized a decrease in the average handle time in the voice self-service system from 90 seconds down to 83 seconds. Simultaneously, the bank saw an improvement in the self-service rate within the voice system. Fewer calls went to agents as a result. The bottom line was a five month ROI on the technology for the bank, according to the SVP of Customer Service.

success story two

Major U.S. Travel Service

Use Case

We deployed our technology at one of the largest commuter railroads in North America. Calls coming in to the contact center are initially directed to a voice self-service application that provides detailed point to point schedule and fare information for commuters and occasional travelers. The average handle time for this application was initially 176 seconds and the client receives in excess of 5,000 calls per day.

Business Benefits

With our technology, this client increased the self-service rate in their IVR by around 2 percent. They also reduced the average handle time for voice self-service by a full 26 seconds. Regular commuters (who were familiar with the dialog flow) were able to navigate to the information they needed more quickly resulting in a better, shorter customer experience. This client realized an ROI of less than six months with our technology.

success story three

Major Health Insurer

Use Case

We deployed our technology at a provider of health insurance benefits in United States. This client provides health coverage on a national level for employers and individuals. Calls coming into the contact center are directed to a voice self-service application that attempts to handle patient claims, provider benefit inquiries, and insurance premium quotes for both service providers and individuals insured under their plans. This client receives in excess of 10,000 calls per day.

Business Benefits

After deploying our technology, this client increased the number of voice self-service interactions (conversation turns) by 20 percent. In addition, the client also reduced caller input errors and reprompt/retry error messages by over 10 percent. The increase in self-service interactions and reduced errors resulted in better customer experiences and callers obtaining information from the IVR that would otherwise need to be obtained from agents at a significantly greater cost.

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