client success stories

We have reduced enterprise costs and improved the Customer Experience on hundreds of millions of user interactions to date. Industry experts and clients alike use terms like "game changer,” "no-brainer" and “real differentiator” to describe the kind of innovative and patented technologies we have created.

These products have been used worldwide to gain efficiencies and optimize user interactions for major airlines, international financial institutions, technology firms, and large government agencies. A top five U.S. based technology services firm liked one of our products so much they acquired it for use in their own hosted telecom services.

Below are a few examples of where our technology has improved the customer experience and reduced operating costs for happy clients.

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success story one

Top 10 International Bank

We deployed our technology at one of the world’s largest international banks. The bank handles over 36 million calls per year in the U.S. alone. The technology was implemented on the bank’s voice self-service retail checking application. This application was designed for handling U.S. customer inquiries on personal checking accounts.

Business Benefits
After deploying our technology, the bank verified a decrease in the average handle time in the voice self-service system from 90 seconds down to 83 seconds. Simultaneously, the bank acknowledged an improvement in customer experience and in the self-service rate within the voice system. This resulted in a 5 month ROI on the technology for the bank.

success story two

Major U.S. Travel Service

We deployed our technology at one of the largest commuter railroads in North America. Calls coming in to the call center are initially directed to a voice self-service application that provides detailed point to point schedule and fare information for travelers. The average handle time for this application was initially 176 seconds.

Business Benefits
After deploying our technology, this client increased the self-service rate in their voice self-service system by around 2 percent and simultaneously reduced the average handle time by 26 seconds.

success story three

Major Health insurer

We deployed our technology at a provider of health insurance benefits in United States. Calls coming into the call center were directed to a voice self-service system that attempted to handle patient claims, provider benefit inquiries, and insurance premium quotes.

Business Benefits
After deploying our technology, this client increased the number of interactions in the voice system by 20 percent. They also reduced user input errors and the resulting re-prompt/retry steps by over 10 percent. This increased volume of interactions resulted in callers obtaining information from the voice application that would otherwise need to be obtained from customer service representatives at significant additional cost. The reduction in caller input errors also resulted in a better customer experience for these callers.


Here's what some people say about the technologies the Gyst team developed for them:

“Performed flawlessly. Reduced call times by 26 seconds and increased self-service by almost 2 percent”
Director, Customer Service, Major U.S. Public Transit Company

“Delivers as promised. We verified an 11 second drop in handle times"
Director, Call Center, Top 5 Super-Regional U.S. Bank.

"A no-brainer. It provided an ROI of 5 months for the bank”
SVP Of Operations, Top 3 International Bank.

"Tens of millions of consumers will soon experience a giant leap forward in customer self-service."
CEO of major voice self-service hosting company.

Below are some of the companies that have licensed technology developed by the Gyst Team.

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