Gyst for Genesys

Gyst improves the customer experience and increases self-service automation rates for Genesys voice applications. Our Gyst For Genesys integrations and data actions work for Genesys Cloud CX, Multicloud CX and Genesys DX.

Provisioning Gyst for use in your Genesys environment is easy via the Genesys Premium App setup process. This movie takes you step by step through that process.

Provisioning Gyst for use in your Genesys Org

Once provisioned in your Genesys Org, the Gyst Data Actions are accessible via Genesys Architect. The movie below shows how use Architect to add Gyst to a Genesys Cloud CX voice application that leverages an Amazon Lex V2 bot in its call flow.

Adding Gyst to your voice applications via Genesys Architect

All inclusive Gyst for Genesys Setup Service

During the Premium App setup process detailed above, a link is provided for registering Gyst for use in your voice applications. A member of our customer support staff will contact you within 24 hours of our registration process to complete the setup.

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