How it works

Gyst improves the customer experience in your voicebots and IVR systems as your customers use them in real time. It does this by dynamically adjusting the audio playback speed, user response times allowed, and other factors to suit each customers demonstrated skills and abilities.

It also analyzes historical and real time behavioral information to help you improve dialog flows, optimize voice, text, web and email channel usage, and to help guide your digital transformation strategies. Read on below, or watch the two minute movie here.

standard features

Gyst's Standard Model uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to measure, analyze, and optimize the audio playback rate (words spoken per minute) for each user in real time. It does this every time the user responds to your voicebot and/or IVR. The playback rate adjustments are subtle and driven by the skill of the customer at each step of the dialog flow.

uses machine learning to  optimize each voice session

speeds up audio (wpm) for users when they respond well

slows down audio for users when they respond poorly

advanced features

Gyst's Advanced Model allows your voicebot and IVR to dynamically adjust the response time allowed for the user to provide input at each step of the dialog flow. This really helps reduce those annoying re-prompt messages that turn your customers off and discourage the use of self-service in the voice channel. It can also make recommendations on the best mode of input (speech or touch-tone), and the optimal inflection, message content and other parameters for each individual as they progress through the call flow.

Personalized Response Times

Allows extra time for struggling callers to respond to your voice prompts if needed.

Personalized Audio Content

Provides additional audio instructions for callers struggling in the voice channel.

Node Adjusted Audio Speeds

Proactively slows down audio playback at interaction points most callers find difficult.

Advanced CX Analytics

Exposes caller pain and friction points in the dialog flow, and as your voice applications change in the future.

Intelligent Opt Out

Tracks  customer progress and gets them to an agent or another channel before they get frustrated.

Smart Modality Switching

Lets you offer speech only, touch-tone only, or both based on what works best for your customers in each session.

easy implementation. platform agnostic.

We have designed Gyst from the ground up to be secure, reliable, and highly scalable. We also designed it to be extremely fast and easy to use in new and existing voice applications - both premise and cloud based. Gyst is accessed from the voice application via our web API. Request access to our Developer Documents for Genesys, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft platforms here.

flexible pricing options

We offer flexible subscription based pricing models, low-cost pilots for clients looking for a full service approach, and free trials for clients willing to do the work themselves.

And, if you are an existing Genesys or Amazon Web Services customer, we can even have our services billed via the same contracts and/or licensing agreements you already have with these providers.

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