News Update: Gyst Technology - How It Works Its Magic - Wed, Oct 21, 2020
Gyst uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to keep track of where each caller to the system is in the call flow, how their earlier performance at navigating the script has been, how they are doing for the current interaction, how they are doing compared to thousands of other users that have previously navigated the current interaction point, and other factors. Read more here.
News Update: Gyst Technology - What makes it so different? - Wed, Oct 14, 2020
While static, profile based user personalization is helpful for reducing the number of interactions a user needs to make in order to achieve a specific goal in your voice channel, it does not account for individual user skills, cognitive abilities, noisy or distracted calling environments, familiarity with the dialogue flow, and other factors critical to modern day voice interactions. Watch a short explainer movie on this here.
News Update: Amazon is now featuring Gyst Technologies - Tue, Oct 6, 2020
Amazon is now featuring Gyst Technologies on its Call Center Operations solution showcase page here and on its Contact Management solution showcase page here. Gyst is a web API-Based service for optimizing Amazon Connect IVR and Amazon Lex IVA voice applications. It delivers easier, better, faster, and more cost effective customer self-service. Read more about Gyst For Amazon here.
News Update: Gyst For Genesys Cloud Now A Premium App - Wed, Sep 30, 2020
Gyst Technologies today announced the availability of its Gyst product as a Premium Application in the Genesys AppFoundry market place. Premium applications are AppFoundry apps inside of or running in parallel to Genesys Cloud. Unlike client applications, premium apps integrate with Genesys Cloud’s billing system. Gyst is a web API based service for optimizing your Genesys Cloud, Genesys Engage, and Genesys PureConnect voice applications. It delivers easier, better, faster, and more cost effective customer self-service. Read more here.
News Update: Gyst Technology - Customer Use Case #1 - Wed, Sep 23, 2020
Gyst technology was installed at one of the world’s largest international banks. This clients contact centers handle over 36 million calls per year in the U.S. alone. The technology was implemented in order to improve the customer experience and save operational costs for the client. Read more about this and other Gyst technology use cases here.
News Update: Gyst Analytics Guide Digital Transformation - Thu, Sep 17, 2020
Gyst uses advanced algorithms, machine learning, individual and aggregate user skills, aggregate user behavior over time, and other CX factors to find cost saving opportunities in your IVR and IVA voice channels.  Our cloud based software does the work of your traditional number-crunching analysts here, continually finding areas of friction for your customers and opportunities for efficiency improvement. You can use it to assess weak areas in your new and existing voice self-service applications and to guide your digital transformation strategies. It's like having a real-time usability study performed in your voice channels every minute of the day. Read more or watch a short movie here.
Blog Posting: Enterprise Voice Channels: Now Or Never - Wed, Sep 16, 2020
Consumer attitudes have changed so much - whether its buying a cup of coffee from a local Starbucks, a flight to Chicago, or a new pair of shoes - nothing will ever be the same. And perhaps there's some good in that, when all is said and done. However the new normal finally plays out for local and world economies, one thing seems fairly certain: post-pandemic consumers will seek to minimize physical contact with point-of-sale devices, appliances, vehicles, and of course, other humans, as we slowly emerge from the cocoons we've all been living in since Covid-19 first struck. Read more here.
News Update: Gyst For Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex - Thu, Sep 10, 2020
Gyst Technologies today announced the integration of its Gyst product with Amazon's Connect and Lex voice services.  Gyst delivers easier, better, faster, and more cost effective customer service in voice self-service channels. It also provides very high resolution analytics that can be used to guide digital transformation strategies. Connect is Amazon's cloud-based Contact Center solution for traditional voice services (IVR). Amazon Lex powers the popular Alexa product and allows you to build and deploy Chatbots and Intelligent Voice Assistants. Read more here.
Blog Posting: The "New Normal" For Customer Engagement - Tue, Apr 14, 2020
The phrase “new normal” has been used a lot during the turmoil of COVID-19. Our work environment has changed dramatically, if only for the time being. Businesses all over the world are ensuring that employees can be productive from their homes, and that their valued customers can, now more than ever, receive the support and services they need.

The good news is that, even though you can’t sit down face-to-face to meet with your customers, you can still observe, analyze and engage with them in very personalized ways — through your website, digital, and voice channels. Now more than ever, brands need to be there for their customers and continue to build loyalty during challenging and unprecedented times. Along with our partners at Amazon and Genesys, we want to do what we can to make sure you are able to meet those expectations.

If you are struggling to handle inbound call volumes and/or trying to gain insights into the new and varied types of inquiries your organization is receiving in these unpredictable times, we will work diligently with you to help alleviate those problems with the use of our technology and services. Read more here.
Blog Posting: Voice Channels - Now More Than Ever - Fri, Jan 17, 2020
In a world of autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and whatever else the hype cycle produces as the next flavor of the month, it's ever important to keep a firm grip on reality. The reality of running a business today while we wait for the future to arrive, that is. This is as important in the world of speech technologies, virtual assistants, and the customer experience as it is. Read more here.
Blog Posting: Digital Transformation: Navigate The Jungle - Thu, Oct 03, 2019
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, the Chinese proverb goes. And whether it's crossing the Sahara Desert or fighting your way through the Amazon Rainforest, it's the early steps that count the most. Planning and executing a Digital Transformation strategy that gets your enterprise to where it needs to be in the 21st century is no different. It's a long journey. Navigating away from traditional business models that are inflexible and outdated takes time and a great deal of caution if you are ever to reach that wonderful, flexible, agile nirvana that is ready to take on whatever the digital revolution throws your way in the years and even decades ahead. here.
Blog Posting: Finally, a virtual assistant that knows we don't live in a one-size-fits-all world. Thanks Alexa. - Mon, Aug 12, 2019
This week, Amazon announced that "Customers in the U.S. can ask Alexa to speak slower or speak faster, enabling Alexa to adapt to a diverse set of customer needs." It's been a long time coming, but this is welcome news for the millions of us attempting to engage with speech technology based systems on a daily basis. As someone who's been in the speech technology business, and in particular, the voice user interface side of that business for many years now, it is particularly welcome news. Read more here.
News Update: Gyst Now Available On AWS Marketplace - Mon, Jul 08, 2019
As a result of our recent partnership and integration, our Gyst product is now available on Amazon's AWS Marketplace. According to Amazon, "AWS Marketplace is a sales channel that makes it easy for AWS Sellers to offer software solutions that run on the AWS cloud. We are focused on building low-friction tools, and offering powerful business, technical, and marketing programs to help our sellers establish, manage, and grow a successful business on AWS." Gyst Technologies is proud to be included in this select technology ecosystem. We are also pleased that we have been added to the software catalog of world's largest cloud services provider. You can view our offering on the AWS Marketplace web site here.

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