flexible pricing options

We offer flexible pricing models, low-cost pilots for clients looking for a full service approach, and free trials for clients willing to do the work themselves. And, if you are an existing Amazon Web Services or Genesys customer, we can even have our services billed via the same contracts and/or licensing agreements you already have with these providers. Pricing is one-time for the Gyst pilot. The Gyst service itself is provided on an annual subscription basis and includes ongoing maintenance and support. With the pilot or a free trial, you get to see the actual benefits Gyst delivers for your enterprise before you commit to a paid subscription.


pilot proves out benefits

Gyst is implemented on a per voice application basis. Our low cost pilot generally takes about a week to implement.

We then offer a 2 – 4 week trial period during which we gather data and perform A/B testing. Clients get to see exactly what their cost savings will be before signing up for one of our annual subscriptions. The annual subscription cost is based on call volume, call duration, and the actual benefits delivered. You use the service only when needed and pay only for what you use.

We work very closely with each of our clients to ensure a smooth implementation and maximum gains from our technology.

benefits summary

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