how it works

Gyst continually adjusts the voice experience to suit the skills and abilities of each individual as they navigate their way through the menus and natural dialogue flow of your voice applications. While doing this, it also analyzes historical and real-time information on caller behavior to provide you with high resolution analytics you can use to find and resolve pain points in the call flow and to guide your digital transformation strategies. Watch the movie below for a quick technical overview, do a deeper dive with our technical documents, or skip straight to the features section here.

Technical Overview

standard features

Gyst's Standard Mode uses machine learning and our advanced and production proven algorithms to measure, analyze, and optimize the audio playback rate (words spoken per minute) in real time. It does this every time the user responds to your IVR/IVA voice application. The playback rate adjustments are subtle and driven by the skill of the user at each step of the dialogue flow.

uses machine learning to measure, analyze and optimize the experience in real time throughout each call

speeds up audio playback (wpm) for skilled/expert callers every time they respond well

slows down audio playback for struggling/novice callers every time they respond poorly

advanced features

Gyst's Advanced Mode allows the voice application to adjust the response time allowed for the user to provide input at each step of the dialogue flow. This really helps reduce those annoying re-prompt messages so many callers dislike. It can also make recommendations on the best mode of input (speech or touch-tone), and the optimal inflection, message content and other parameters for each individual as they progress through the call flow.

Allows extra time for struggling callers to respond to your voice prompts.

Provides additional audio instructions for callers struggling in the IVR and/or IVA.

Proactively slows down audio playback at interaction points most callers find difficult.

Exposes caller pain and friction points in the IVR now, and as your voice applications change in the future.

Tracks individual caller performance and gets them to an agent or another channel before they get frustrated.

Lets you offer speech only, touch-tone only, or both based on what works best for your customers.

what makes gyst different?

easy implementation. platform agnostic.

We have designed Gyst from the ground up to be secure, reliable, and highly scalable. We also designed it to be extremely fast and easy to use in new and existing voice applications - both premise and cloud based. Any voice application can be optimized with Gyst by simply adding http calls to the Gyst API via the voice application itself.

The service keeps track of where each caller to the system is in the call flow, how their earlier performance at navigating the script has been, how they are doing for the current interaction, how they are doing compared to thousands of other users that have previously navigated the current interaction point, and other factors.

It then computes personalization parameters unique to the caller for the next step in the dialogue. Gyst repeats this process at each interaction point the caller encounters on their own unique journey through your voice channel. Learn more about how to add Gyst to your voice application in the online technical documentation here

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