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Data Retention Policy

This policy reflects Gyst’s Data Retention Practices.

Report Logs
The current and previous two month’s data will be available to you on line. On the first of each month, older data will be purged.

As an example, on the 31st of December all of December, November and October’s data will be available on line. On the 1st of January, October's data will be purged leaving all of December and November’s data on line plus all new data that is stored in the month of January. On February 1st all of November's data will be purged, leaving all of January and December’s data on line plus all new data that is stored in the month of February.

Application Data
Gyst realizes that the amount of data associated with an application is unique to each application. As such, the following types of data are permitted to be retained indefinitely as part of your service with Gyst.

- Audio prompts
- Application tuning parameters
- Application XML documents

The data that is permitted to be retained is restricted to the types listed above.

Gyst reserves the right to review the types of data retained to insure compliance with this policy.

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