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If you can, also bring along your current voice self-service automation rate, average daily call volume, and average handle time for one of your underperforming IVR or IVA voice applications.

Leave with a clear understanding of what you can expect from Gyst in terms of:

  • What your reduction in Call Center operating costs will be
  • What kind of agent call deflection rates you can expect
  • Deflect more calls away from agents (10x - 20x the cost)
  • What kind of deep voice application insight you will get

Why Now?

These days, Contact Centers worldwide are having to deal with critical issues like:

  • How do I handle the massive influx of calls to my Contact Centers due to COVID-19?
  • How do I relieve the burden on my agents before they burn out or simply leave?
  • Deflect more calls away from agents (10x - 20x the cost)
  • Should I rush to get Digital Transformation completed in months instead of years?

But how can you achieve this without taking on significant additional risk?

Gyst Can Help

Gyst makes the self-service voice channels you already own run more efficiently. It allows those channels to answer more calls and provide more information to your customers. It helps keep those calls away from your expensive, overextended agents. Since it works for any voice platform, you keep the hosted or premise platform you already use. Quick cost savings. More customers served. Less stress for your agents. Less risk. A lot less risk.

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