Software That Saves You Money In Your Contact Centers.

Ineffective voice self-service in your Contact Centers frustrates your customers and costs you money. With Gyst as your IVR and Voicebot auto-optimizing solution and digital transformation guide, costs come down and your customer services shines.

How much is ineffective voice self-service costing you?

Most Contact Centers struggle to create IVR and Intelligent Voice Assistant experiences that resonate with their audience. When your voice self-service channels are ineffective...
  • Customers zero-out or leave after just a few seconds
  • Voice self-service rates are low and handle times grow
  • Customers hang up and call back - or call your competition
  • Frustrated customers vent to your expensive agents
  • Agents are tied up with mundane and repetitive calls
  • Callers remember poor experiences the next time they call
Voice self-service should be easy and it should work for your customers. Most IVR applications are either legacy holdovers, or newer services transitioning to reap the benefits of digital transformation, AI, and advances in speech technologies.

Let Gyst be your guide and cost-cutting tool on this journey so you can optimize your technology spend while avoiding expensive mistakes.

Gyst reduces Contact Center costs and mitigates risk

100s of millions of voice sessions

+$100 million in client savings

millions of happier customers

What our customers say

“Performed flawlessly. Reduced call times by 26 seconds and increased self-service”
Director, Customer Service, Major U.S. Public Transit Company

“Delivers as promised. We verified an 11 second drop in handle times"
Director, Call Center, Top 5 Super-Regional U.S. Bank.

"A no-brainer. It provided an ROI of 5 months for the bank”
SVP Of Operations, Top 3 International Bank.

Gyst CX

An effective cost saving tool for your Contact Center
Gyst CX helps you save money by deflecting mundane and repetitive phone calls away from your expensive agents. It works with the Intelligent Voice Assistants and IVRs you already own, whether hosted, premise, or hybrid. Watch the video, or read more here.

Gyst Analytics

A trusted guide on your digital transformation journey
With Gyst Analytics, you can eliminate guesswork and confidently create great voice experiences your customers will want to use. It's easy to add to your existing voice applications any works for any voice platform. Watch the video, or read more here.

Gyst works for any voice platform...

...and any self-service voice application.

Have us set up a test drive for you...

We've made it easy for you to try out Gyst with your own callers and your own voice applications. For a nominal setup cost, we will have one of our professional developers implement Gyst for you in a voice application you choose. This will allow you to prove out the savings in A/B testing against your current performance metrics. The implementation takes about 1 - 2 weeks and can usually be done using your existing contracts and volume agreements with your current cloud and/or voice service providers.