• Identify ALL areas where improvements are needed to increase self-service rates

  • Identify specific sources of caller complaints before you need to deal with them

  • Identify and duplicate which design practices work best for your particular callers

  • Identify where Speech works best for your  callers and voice applications

  • Identify where Touch-Tone works best for your callers and voice applications

  • Make proactive transfers to agents for callers having excessive difficulty in the IVR

about us

At Gyst Technologies, we develop advanced personalization software for voice based self-service systems. These systems can be traditional call center IVRs, voice-enabled virtual assistants, or any device that uses voice as a means of user communication. We have reduced enterprise costs and improved the customer experience on hundreds of millions of user interactions to date.

The Gyst Team has created a new technology that delivers advanced improvements in the Customer Experience (CX) for voice applications. We realized several years ago that measuring caller skills and performance at navigating through a given voice application could be used to enhance and personalize the experience in real time. As a result of this early work, we built and tested several software models that proved this theory in production. We also received a patent on the process and have since filed several additional patents covering improvements to date. With Gyst, we have taken the lessons learned from the original technology we developed, and created a new cloud-based version of the service that will deliver the best CX in the industry.

Gyst also received an award under Enterprise Ireland's High Potential Start Up program to bring the technology to EMEA using Ireland as a base of operations. To that end, Gyst Technologies was formed as a new Limited Company, registered in Dublin. The goal of this company is to leverage the benefits of our field-proven technology in these additional markets.

Our dedicated team include some of the best in the business.

the team

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Nick has many years experience in Technology, mainly in the communications sector. Initially, Nick was Managing Director and shareholder in Sound Systems Plc, a company which he then sold to Cable & Wireless Plc and he became C&W MD for Ireland and Portugal.  During his 12 years with C&W, he went on to serve as a Director of C&W Europe and sat on the Board of each of the C&W European subsidiaries as well as undertaking assignments in Hong Kong, Australia etc., Following this, he was promoted to MD of C&W Caribbean and Atlantic Islands division headquartered on Grand Cayman.
Dan has been an entrepreneur and CEO for over 20 years.  Prior to that he worked at Bell Labs in New Jersey. Dan has  several patents for his innovations in speech technology and software. He started and successfully sold two technology startups and is now working on his third. He has an Electrical Engineering undergraduate degree from the Dublin Institute of Technology, a Masters in Computer Science from NYU  and was awarded two fellowships to teach Computer Science at NYU. Dan is also the Programming Chair and a Director at the MIT Enterprise Forum of New York City.
Senior Counsel
Ken is a Member of the Institution of Electrical Technology of London (MIET) and Institute of Transportation and Logistics. He is also a Senior Counsel Member of the Honorable Society of Kings Inns, a Dublin Member of the Honorable Society of The Middle Temple, and London Member of Honorable Society of Inns of Court of Northern Ireland. Ken is a Member of the Inner Bar of Republic of Ireland, Bar of England and Wales Bar of Northern Ireland. He recently received a patent for his innovations in the area of micro payment solutions.
Company Secretary
Brian was Group Company Secretary of Kerry Group plc from its formation in 1986 until his retirement in February 2018. Kerry is the global leader in Taste sand Nutrition solutions and has an enterprise value of almost $20bn. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators. He is Chairman of South West Ireland Golf CLG,Shannon Ferry Group Ltd ,Tralee Waterworld plc and a number of other private companies.
Speech Scientist
Bruce is a design consultant and published author specializing in speech, audio, and multimodal user interfaces. He has designed user interfaces for telecommunications, desktop multimedia, entertainment, language training, medical, and home automation products.  He received his undergraduate degree in 1971 and his Master’s in 1975 from the University of North Texas with work in electronic music and intermedia. Bruce is the author of the industry best-seller; “How to Build a Speech Recognition Application,” the definitive style guide for IVR design.
Speech Scientist
Maria has  25 years of experience in Natural Language Processing / NLP (Voice Recognition, Machine Translation, Text Summarization). She is an expert in both spoken and text-based language technologies and very knowledgeable in Artificial Intelligence / A.I. (Machine Learning, Neural Networks), particularly for speech recognition and intelligent personal assistants. Maria has worked for organisations across numerous verticals worldwide, including multinational Tech companies and Telecoms, US Insurance and security companies, UK Utilities and Banks, the UK National Health Service (NHS) and the European Commission (EU).
Speech Scientist
Danae Holmes received her MS (2013) and Ph.D. (2015) in Psychology, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction, from Rice University. Immediately after graduation, she joined Google[x] as a User Experience Research Assistant where she supported usability efforts on numerous software and hardware designs for virtual reality, robotics, and UAV projects. She has since joined Twitch as a User Experience Researcher, focusing on mobile and gaming console platforms as well as accessibility. Her primary interests lie in incorporating human factors in new and uncommon areas and to help ensure system accessibility for a broad spectrum of users.
Telecom and IVR Specialist
Murat is an accomplished software developer and manager with extensive experience in Application Development & Test - Java, .NET, SQL, IVR, Agent Desktop, Android and many related technologies. As a manager and entrepreneur, Murat also has developed skills at IT Outsourcing of Software Developers, Analysts/Testers, Project Managers, Product Owners and HR managers.

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