Accelerate CX innovation and reduce costs

Harness the power of Gyst for your voice applications.

Optimize your voice applications to reduce costs

Gyst can be implemented for any voice platform by calling our web API from your own voice applications.  All of the benefits of Gyst's advanced software algorithms and machine learning processes are available via this small, yet very powerful API. Implementing Gyst in this way allows you to quickly learn how your callers interact with your voice applications today, and over time as you implement seasonal and functional changes. It also allows Gyst to guide, and deliver on the fly, the ideal CX parameters for a particular customer at any given time.

We have designed Gyst from the ground up to be secure, reliable, platform agnostic, and highly scalable. We also designed it to be extremely fast and easy to use in new and existing voice applications - whether they are based on premise, in the cloud, or a via a hybrid implementation.

The API, with full documentation, is available on Postman. Postman is one of the most widely used platforms for testing and publishing web APIs and has over 20 million developers around the world. The API supports simple response/requests via the HTTP GET Method, and more detailed and powerful features via the HTTP POST Method. The best way to familiarize yourself technically with Gyst is to use the API via our collections, which are publically available on the Postman site via the links below.

GET Method Collection

POST Method Collection

You can do a deeper dive on the background and implementation of the technology itself in the Gyst Developer Guide starting here, or go straight to the API Reference page here.

You can also access our individual Genesys Cloud CX, Amazon Connect and Lex, and Google Dialogflow quickstart pages in the Gyst Developer Guide, or read more about the economic benefits of implementing Gyst here.

Standard features

Gyst's standard features uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to measure, analyze, and optimize the audio playback rate (words spoken per minute) for each user in real time. It does this every time the user responds to your voicebot and/or IVR. The playback rate adjustments are subtle and driven by the skill of the customer at each step of the dialog flow.

Uses machine learning to  optimize each voice session.

Speeds up audio (wpm) for users when they respond well.

Slows down audio for users when they respond poorly.

Advanced features

Gyst's advanced features allows your voicebot and IVR to dynamically adjust the response time allowed for the user to provide input at each step of the dialog flow. This really helps reduce those annoying re-prompt messages that turn your customers off and discourage the use of self-service in the voice channel. It can also make recommendations on the best mode of input (speech or touch-tone), and the optimal inflection, message content and other parameters for each individual as they progress through the call flow.

Advanced CX

Uses additional algorithms to further refine CX adjustments based on caller behavior and the calling environment.

Intelligent Opt Out

Tracks  customer progress and gets them to an agent or another channel before they get frustrated.

Smart Modality Switching

Offer speech only, touch-tone only, or both based on what works best at each conversation turn.

Personalized Response Times

Allows extra time for struggling callers to respond to your voice prompts if needed.

Personalized Audio Content

Provides additional audio instructions for callers struggling in the voice channel.

Node Adjusted Audio Speeds

Proactively slows down audio playback at interaction points most callers find difficult.

Take a test drive

We've made it easy for you to give Gyst a test drive with your own callers and your own voice applications.

Via our Proof of Concept (PoC) plan, we first request a cloned version of your voice application from you. Then, we enhance this cloned version of the application with Gyst by inserting calls to our web API. Next, we run both versions of the voice application side-by-side in limited production - starting with only a trickle of phone calls to the Gyst enhanced version of the voice application.

As the call volume to the Gyst enhanced version is slowly increased over time, we use A/B tests to compare performance metrics for call handle times, voice self-service rates, reduced caller input errors, increased IVR usage/engagement, goal completion, and other metrics. This will unequivocally prove out the technology benefits for your organization and your callers as they engage with your voice application. As an added bonus, we'll perform a highly detailed analysis of your current voice application efficiency and performance using our Gyst Analytics software. You can see the level of detail you'll receive in this report here.

The PoC usually takes about 2 weeks to accumulate enough phone calls for A/B testing, though we can adjust this time period to suit your daily call volume and sampling rate preferences. Additionally, it can usually be administered and paid for via your existing contracts and volume agreements with your voice and/or cloud provider.

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