Gyst Terms and Definitions

For clarity, some terms relating to voice technologies, along with specific terms used in the Gyst API specification are given below. This document assumes however, that the reader has at least moderate familiarity with web technologies and voice application design in general.

Voice Assistant - Intelligent agents including Amazon Lex, Google Dialogflow, Microsoft PVA, and others.

Interactive Voice Response - IVR platforms including Genesys, Amazon, Avaya, and others.

Voice Application - The client application that supports the IVR or Voice Assistant dialog flow.

Voice Session - A single instance of a voice application running on an IVR or Voice Assistant.

Conversation Turn - The initiation of a request for input to the Voice Application from the user.

Audio Message - A Text To Speech (TTS) message or pre-recorded audio file that is played to the user.

SSML - An XML based markup language that is used to control the presentation of TTS messages.

GystSession - A number that uniquely identifies a Voice Session in the Gyst API.

GystNode - A number that uniquely identifies a Conversation Turn in the Gyst API.‍

GystRequest - A number that uniquely identifies the type of request in the Gyst API.

Gyst CX Recommendation - The response from the Gyst API request.