Gyst  For Amazon Alexa

With digital transformation well under way in the contact center, the number of options and channels for handling customer service inquiries is growing at an ever increasing pace. Amazon's Alexa and Lex Bot Service are great examples of this transformation. As more and more customers engage via these new channels, contact centers need to evolve to keep up.

Gyst improves the customer experience and increases self-service rates for Amazon Alexa based voice applications, also known as Alexa Skills.

Using Gyst in Alexa is easy via a small block of code (as shown in Figure 1 below) that is added to an existing Alexa Skill. This example uses the popular Python programming language, though it could just as easily be written in Node JS, C#, or any language your platform supports. Once added, the code developer simply calls the gyst() function throughout the Alexa Skill code, wherever a request for input is spoken to the user. The gyst() method, in turn, calls the Gyst Server via the Gyst API to get recommendations on how to best optimize the user experience for a given user.

Figure 1

Easy Integration

The programmatic implementation for Gyst in an Alexa Skill is straightforward and is described above. In addition, we offer a setup service for those businesses that would prefer to have a full turnkey solution.

For either approach, visit our Gyst For Alexa signup page here to arrange a demo on an Amazon Echo or Mobile device, and to start the deployment process.